A Word Of Thanks

Hello Shawols! Thank you so much for giving your love to SHINee! I don’t care who you are and what you did, if you love SHINee, I will love you more ♡

And let me give a thank to my contributors, I hope this list can be lengthened in the future ☀

carrot ♔ – Thanks her for “SHINee Surprise Vacation” DVD! She’s the very first person who offers to give me a hand.
EyesonKey – One of Key’s fansites in China and if you downloaded SWC4 DVD from Pan Baidu, please give a thank to her.
god taem ♡ [sh] – They helped me with SWC4 DVD magnet link.
MYShawols – Thanks the team for SWC4 English subtitles.
vytaemin – Thanks her for Taemin The 1st Stage DVD version.
A secret contributor – Thanks him/her for SWC5 English subtitles.

If you’re interested in helping me and building this blog, feel free to contact me or send your contribution to me. I need all the help I can get ^^.

I have nothing much to say about me and SHINee. I’ve been following them since 2008 but there were times I lost my track and left them behind. But it seems like they don’t let me give up on them that easily so I’m still here now and keep supporting them till the end. Thing is I have no idea about the end, I don’t know when it will end. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after tomorrow,… oh whatever, I’m just enjoying my life with them in the present.

Please tell me what you think about SHINee and what makes you love them ^^. I love to hear the words come from your heart


38 thoughts on “A Word Of Thanks

  1. i just found your site and istg i’m so shocked. how u compile and make this big masterlist? it must be take a veryyyyy long time to complete all of this. this site is awesome, its like u have all of shinee content here. we’re so grateful to have u in this fandom :” thank you so muchh, u don’t know how much thankful i am. i hope u wont closed this blog, i hope many people recognize this site. thank you so much for your hardwork!!!


  2. I truly appreciate all you do to make SHINee available to me, and I am now excited to support them directly by getting my favorite albums/singles. Thank you so so much Yamaac!!

    Passion for SHINee started with me mesmerized by Taemin’s dance for Lucier’s video (I believe I randomly came across it while on YouTube)…then, I started listening to other songs, and then I saw HELLO BABY episodes. From there, it all came down to me loving them as individuals and warmed by their teamwork/grouplove. I love watching them help out each other; I love watching them showing/sharing their raw emotions (i.e. Onew singing Rainy Blue .. and shed a tear at the end – priceless); and how they work on their language/skills/dance/talk/etc. all for giving back and never forgetting to be humble and grateful for where they are.

    I keep going back to HELLO BABY to get that warm, happy feeling. I thought my heart is set on Taemin, yet they are all so happy to watch. Currently, I’m fangirling over Minho. Oh boy. Now, I will continue my journey of exploring this blog, and I want to share my thanks to you. I really am thankful for all the time, effort, and love to you share with us. My family is listening to SHINee on a daily basis now lol

    Please take care of yourself & your time as well!


    • Thank you for sharing your thought and love to me and visitors of this blog ^^ I just do what I think that I should do, honestly I don’t want to keep all the content until I die, it doesn’t make sense, does it? And I believe Shawols are all mature enough to know what is the right way and how to support SHINee effectively.

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  3. Thanks for uploading all the videos and concerts of shinee, your page is the most complete. I really enjoy and collect them all. Thanks😄 (I speak Spanish hope you understand)


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