A Word Of Thanks

Hello Shawols! Thank you so much for giving your love to SHINee! I don’t care who you are and what you did, if you love SHINee, I will love you more ♡

And let me give a thank to my contributors, I hope this list can be lengthened in the future ☀

carrot ♔ – Thanks her for “SHINee Surprise Vacation” DVD! She’s the very first person who offers to give me a hand.
EyesonKey – One of Key’s fansites in China and if you downloaded SWC4 DVD from Pan Baidu, please give a thank to her.
god taem ♡ [sh] – Everybody loves torrent, right? So give your love to her and her friends, they helped me with SWC4 DVD magnet link.

If you’re interested in helping me and building this blog, feel free to contact me or send your contribution to me. I need all the help I can get ^^.

I have nothing much to say about me and SHINee. I’ve been following them since 2008 but there were times I lost my track and left them behind. But it seems like they don’t let me give up on them that easily so I’m still here now and keep supporting them till the end. Thing is I have no idea about the end, I don’t know when it will end. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after tomorrow,… oh whatever, I’m just enjoying my life with them in the present.

Please tell me what you think about SHINee and what makes you love them ^^. I love to hear the words come from your heart


32 thoughts on “A Word Of Thanks

  1. hello I write this message to thank you simply.what to say of Shinee … unfortunately my first video was “replay” and I lost sight of them until “tell me what to do” to tell you that it is very little but jonghyun was an artist I followed and especially who touched me. I discovered your blog by the links on YouTube and I thank you because many do not necessarily have the means to enjoy this group and their concerts. thanks again


  2. Hello dear!

    Your blog is great, I’ve been looking for one like that for a long time.
    I love SHINee since 2010 and today I still do it.

    Thank you very much for your great work, when I can countribure with your blog



  3. I love shinee so much, I love onew, key, minho, tailen, and the angel Jonghyun 👼. I can say SHINEE is the best K-POP group. I know shinee when I was 10 years old and know I’m 15, the best 5 years in my life. I was love December because I born in this month and minho too, but in 12/18/2017 I hear the wrost news in my life my angel he leaves us 😭😭💔, but I hope he in a better place.


  4. Thank you. Thank you again. And Thank you once more. I hope one day to contribute too. Happy New Year 2018. I met SHINee in 2011 and here I am. I also left them behind, in the busiest times in my major, but from time to time I missed them, usually a song in my phone does the trick, so I always come back. 🙂


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