Q. What are .001, .002, .003,…  files? How can I open them?
– They’re a collection of split parts is set of files having all the same filename, exept for the extension at the end (.001, .002, .003,…).
– You cannot play each part separately, you have to join all the parts to make them become a video file.
– How to join a file? Please read direction document.

Q. I did as you had said, I joined all the parts and I have a video file but it doesn’t play correctly.
Please re-check every step that you took when downloading and joining them.
– Make sure all parts were downloaded completely and put in the same folder.
– Do not change the name or the number of parts, they must have the same name except for the number at the end.

Q. Can I re-post or share your content on my site/blog? Is it okay if I upload them to another download hosts/streaming sites?
– You can share my blog but I don’t allow to take my download link out of my blog so please do not re-post my download link and my image URL to your site/blog and do not share them elsewhere. Actually you still can re-post or share my content to your site/blog, just re-upload them all and use your own download link and your image URL to do whatever you want.
– It’s more than okay if you upload my content to other/another download hosts, I strongly recommend it. You can share/re-post my Youtube links or re-upload my videos to your streaming sites, it’s okay, I don’t mind that. But there are some videos are not allowed to upload to any streaming sites, I carefully added a ’10 seconds message’ at the beginning of most videos (which I think are important). If it says ‘DO NOT‘, it means that. If it says nothing, you can do what you want.
– In addition, I hope you follow these rules.

Q. When will you upload SHINee’s new releases? Can you send me download link anyway?
–  Honestly I don’t want to share official releases right away, it’s not good for SHINee. People have to consider on buying the official ones, not downloading the digital ones from unofficial websites. I don’t care how fast other sites are, it would take at least one or two weeks to be updated on my blog. And sometimes I’m super busy with my life, so please stop asking me about when, I can’t tell exactly.

– I can’t send download link to one single person every time, you should check SharingSHINee regularly.

Q. Do you have SHINee’s shows or interviews with English subtitles? Can you help me find some please?
I only share raw videos (original videos without subtitles) or some with official English subtitles. It’s my priority. I only search for subtitles when I have time, and if the subbing teams allow to share their products, I will update streaming links or download links here. But I don’t promise that I will help you find what you need. Even if I’m willing to help, I’m unable to help at any time. Please understand that I have a life out there like you.

Q. Do you have SHINee’s [name of the video/audio]? Can you share it with me?
I’ve been sharing all I have on SharingSHINee by far. If you can’t find something you need here right now, that’s mean it’s unavailable here right now. If I find out something is missing, I will update it sooner or later.

Q. What about SHINee’s performances? Will you share them?
I will share them on my another blog. I’m still building it.

Q. Why don’t you upload your videos to streaming sites like Youtube or Dailymotion? I think not everyone can download or have a hard drive holding a lot of data.
Due to copyright issues obviously. And even if having no claim, I think it’s unnecessary to upload everything to streaming sites. Someone could possibly do that, but I’m afraid I don’t, so sorry.

Q. If the video is too heavy, can you split it into parts (.001, 002, .003,…) to make it easier for download?
I already did but with videos which are larger than 6GB in size only. I think just keep it as a video is easier for download because many people don’t know how to deal with joining parts and solving some potential problems (as the 1st and the 2nd questions above).

Q. Mega and Google drive are undownloadable sometimes. Can you tell me how to solve some common problems with these two hosts?
If the problems come from your side, from Mega or Google drive system, I’m afraid I can do nothing.
Google drive limit number of download at the same time, if you don’t want to wait 24 hours later to get the file, I’ll tell you a way to download it: Save the file to your Google drive account and then make a copy of it, after that download the copy one.
Mega has a problem called ‘out of HTML5 offline storage space’, it happens when you’re downloading a file with very big size. I think it can be solved easily too, I hope this video can help.

Q. I can’t copy download link from your Google docs, do I have to ask for your permission to get it?
Select the URL which you want to copy and then press Ctrl+C. Don’t right click and choose ‘Copy’ from panel options, sometimes it doesn’t work.

Q. I download your video/audio from Mega but I can’t extract the zip/rar file. What should I do? Help me please!
I have never uploaded zip/rar format to Mega, I guess you downloaded it as a zip/rar because you had clicked this button. Because I have no idea how it works, I can’t help you extract the file. With Mega, just simply double click on the filename and download through your browsers.

Q. Seems like I’m not able to download from the hosts that you provided, can you give me another ones?
I’m sorry I can’t.

If you have a question which isn’t in the list above, or if you still confuse with the answers given, please contact me with your question.