Technical Issues

sharingshinee mostly provides GOOGLE DRIVE / MEGA / 4SHARED hosts. They are quite easy to use and popular nowadays. If you’re confused or you even have no clue about them before, I’m afraid I can do nothing to help. Please learn how to download and deal with technology by yourself first.

How to get download links from Google Docs

How to deal with .001, .002, .003,…  files

  • You cannot play each file (part) separately, you have to join all parts to make them become a video file.
  • Please read DIRECTION DOCUMENT to know what they exactly are and how to join a file.
  • If you get a video which does not play correctly after joining all parts, please re-check every step that you took when downloading and joining them.
    • Make sure there was no problem happened during the progress, like internet connection was lost or hard drive stopped working shortly while downloading or joining / ect.
    • Make sure all parts were downloaded completely (total number of files / filesize / ect.)
    • Make sure all parts were put in same folder.
    • Do not change name or number of parts, they must have same name except for number at the end.
  • If you finished downloading all parts and your computer sets .001, .002, .003,… files as .rar file, you cannot extract them to get a video. Please change your computer setting to make .001, .002, .003,… files become a file with blank icon before joining them. 

How to avoid bandwidth limit exceeded

  • You should not download directly from the hosts that I provide because my accounts cannot transfer unlimited data a day to many downloaders at the same time.
  • You should be a free or premium registered user of the download hosting sites of the files you want to download. If you download as a guest, you would probably get ‘bandwidth limit exceeded’ message more often.
  • You should copy the files you want to download from my accounts to your own accounts, then download the copied ones from your own account, it would avoid this problem a bit.
    • For GOOGLE DRIVE: Make a copy to your drive and then download the copied ones from your drive.
    • For MEGA: Import folder to your cloud drive and then download them from your cloud drive. And if you still get ‘transfer quota exceeded error’ message even when you’re downloading from your cloud drive, please upgrade your account to get more bandwidth or search on internet the tip how to bypass it.