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Welcome to Sharing SHINee!

This is my personal blog where I share with you some primary content which I think it is the base in SHINee’s career.

What I am sharing with you here is free, I don’t ask for anything from you. But I hope if you already spend your time to download and enjoy SHINee’s music at home, you can spend your money for SHINee as well after that, by purchasing the original ones.

You love SHINee, I believe. That’s not an essential way to prove your love, but that’s a righteous way to support the ones you love.

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DO NOT take my download links out of my blog.

DO NOT send my download links to anyone via email, private message or social networking sites.

PLEASE RE-UPLOAD the contents and use your own download links if you want to re-post or share them elsewhere.

If I see any download links of mine are being shared directly somewhere, I will delete them immediately.


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FAQ ◦ Help


Give direction on how to use my blog in general, how to get download link from the blog and work with some popular download hosting sites.


Provide information about the contents of sharingshinee, what you should or should not do if you are going to use them for your own work.


Offer some Frequently Asked Questions that I will never reply if you ask me over and over again.
Please read this page more carefully because I do not accept personal requests.
Please do not send a calling for help or a report of broken link to me.


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